There was great calamity in this universe. All but three planetary systems disappeared. But there are conflicts between them. Choose one of the three civilizations and resolve the conflicts.

It is top-down real-time strategy game where you are managing one of the three civilizations.  Resources, population and ship management.

Read through the How to play tab in game before you start playing (there are buttons for more information in left down corener dont miss them).

Game have 3 possible endings so try achieve every one of them.

You can play as 3 different civilizations.

Controls:  Mouse only

Any feedback is VERY appreciated.

Used background music :
Ansia Orchestra - Ajna
Ansia Orchestra - Alla Till Mig
Ansia Orchestra - Honor

All credit goes to the creator Ansia Orchestra


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I finally got the chance to play this game!

I must say, i'm overwhelmed with such good content. You did a very good game.

Everything works, the soundtrack is really nice and fits perfectly, the how to play is well explained and concise

The cutscenes are beautiful

The idea itself is awesome and very well achieved.

Congrats dude.

If you have the time rate my submission as well!


Thanks for those kind words <3

 I will surely play your game as soon as I can. 

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amazing game there is a lot of potential here. also I really like the music :D

Thanks for playing it. It means a lot for me. <3

Very nice game! I got all 3 endings! :)

THAT IS AWESOME thank you sooo much for playing it. I am glad that you liked it so much that you invested that much time in all the endings <3